6700U Series (USB)

The 6700U series is a point-of-sale interface scale for linking to electronic cash registers…

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The 6700U series is a food safe, legal for trade scale. Using USB, this POS point-of-sale interface scale is ideal for linking to a wide range of electronic cash registers, printers, tablets or to other POS integrated systems. Food safe & NSF approved, with easy to clean 304 stainless steel weight platters making it ideal for use with a wide range of foods or food processes.

This scale comes in a range of base sizes and capacities with optional columns or remote display options. This scale has been designed to be simple to use with an easy to read LCD back lit display. Although very popular due to its POS USB plug and play connectivity, this scale has other time saving features making it ideal for other food prep or industrial kitchen applications.

Hands free touchless tare, ideal for recipe /portion control applications, with a built in photo eye that can easily be turned on to activate by hand movement in front of the display, to simple checkweighing to basic counting. All to help guarantee that all goods sold are to weight of quantity.

Case Study: Digitising dining: AI self-checkouts land in Canary Wharf, London

Typical Applications: Point of Sale, Portion Control, Food Checkweigher, Counting Scale, Legal for Trade Scale

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6700 transparent scale image
Scale Dimensions
6" x 10" / 154 mm x 254 mm
10" x 10" / 254 mm x 254 mm
12" x 14" / 305 mm x 355 mm
Product Code
6702U (3kg) – 816965006809
6702U (3kg E2 Stamped) – AWT05-055673
6710U (3-6kg) – 816965006816
6710U (3-6kg E2 Stamped) – AWT05-055674
6710U (6-15kg) – 816965006823
6710U (6-15kg E2 Stamped) – AWT05-055675 6720U (15-30kg) – 816965006830
6720U (15-30kg E2 Stamped) – AWT05-055676
ABS plastic housing. 5½ digits eight segments 15 mm / 0.59" high LCD with blue backlight
0-3 kg x 0.001 kg / 3-6 kg x 0.002 kg
0-6 kg x 0.002 kg / 6-15 kg x 0.005 kg
0-15 kg x 0.005 kg / 15-30 kg x 0.01 kg

Product Differentiators

  • ≤ .01% accuracy
  • Weighs in kg, g
  • NCI, ECR, 8213 (Sharp), EH (PS60) interface protocols
  • Bi-directional 9-pin RS-232 and USB port. Interfaces to most electronic cash registers and point of sale software (COM cables not included)
  • Quick disconnect makes all cable connections easy
  • "Touchless" Tare electronic mechanism enhances food handling safety
  • Check weighing, count weighing, peak/hold

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