Monday, December 18, 2017

Brecknell's ElectroSamson - Official Scale of Major League Fishing Print E-mail

Brecknell are proud to announce their new partnership as the official scale sponsors of Major League Fishing's 2013 event.

Major League Fishing is one of the new highlights of the sporting calendar for many anglers, with 24 of the world's premiere competitive bass fishing anglers coming together to compete in high-intensity angling competitions over the month of September.

With the 'New Game, New Rules and No Limits' slogan, the competition winner is the competitor with the highest total weight caught over the course of the competition. With accuracy and weight being the key deciding factor for the victor, Major League Fishing chose Brecknell's ElectroSamson as the best scale for the job.

The ElectroSamson is a hand held electronic digital balance which can be used for hand-held weighing, with or without the weigh handle, or suspended weighing. Ideal for anglers and other sports, the highly portable ElectroSamson allows you to switch from kg/lb/oz, has a bright LCD display and comes in three capacities to suit your needs.

Click here for more information about the ElectroSamson and our wider angling scale range.

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